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What if the Fae controlled the world's currency and humanity's fate was in the hands of a magic addict, a car thief, and the one creature that just wants to be human?

An heir on the run.

A heist gone awry.

And a childhood romance that will be their salvation or start a war.

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Welcome to the award-winning world of Time to Wake,

where friends are found in the strangest places,

and some of them are already dead.

Senlis is your typical artist.

Empath, hater of mornings, and the bearer of a strange name passed down from her grandmother.

With a penchant for caffeine and a pet ghost, she's just trying to live her best life. 

Did she mention she also happens to devour souls? No?

Well, it's a bit of a conversation killer...

No pun intended.

Both Books are available on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, Scribd, and Overdrive,

as well as print and audiobook formats (Audiobook for Not Right Now coming soon)!

Trigger Warning Note from the Author: The books are New Adult and "PG-13" in nature, intended for upper YA and beyond due to the inclusion of: strong language, adult themes, underage drinking (not condoned, just present), intimate encounters ("open door", but non-explicit), and scenes of violence and implied domestic abuse. The Author did work to place most violence and abuse "off-page" to soften impact to readers but wants them to be aware it is present.

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